Complete Pkg (5)Cones & (2)Flange Adapter Sizes 1.87" up to 4"OD

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Complete Package (5)Cones & (2)Flange Adapter Sizes 1.87"OD up to 4"OD
One Flange Adapter for Each Side of your Cylindrical/Rotary Attachement.
Total Quantity of x2 Flange Adapters Included
with (2) MSC-1700-07x Flange Adapter Mounting Plates
070 GCC 6mm ID
071 Trotec M6 ID and m10 thread
072 Epilog Fits in Rotary Chuck
073 Universal 1/4" ID
074 Vision Max Pro Cylindrical Engraver Special .375" ID, and MSC-1700-075 15mm ID

MSC-1700-10x also Includes:
(1) MSC-1700-021 Cone Adapter for Cups or Bottles on Laser Rotary Attachment 2.18OD & 1.87OD

and (1) MSC-1700-022 Cone Adapter for Cups or Bottles on Laser Rotary Attachment 2.5OD & 2.12OD

and (1) MSC-1700-023 Cone Adapter for Cups or Bottles on Laser Rotary Attachment 2.953OD & 2.437OD

and (1) MSC-1700-024 Cone Adapter for 16 & 20oz Cups on Laser Rotary Attachment 3.5OD & 3.0OD

and (1) MSC-1700-025 Cone Adapter for 30oz Cups on Laser Rotary Attachment 4.0OD & 3.25OD

Run every job with Precision prevents slippage while using your Laser Rotary Attachment 

We also offer MSC-1700-026 Cone Adapter for HUGE YETI Ramblers on Laser Rotary Attachment up to 5.0OD