Q1E Trophy Master Used Rotary Engraver with New Q3E Controller

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Trophy Master Used ROtarty Engraving Machine 2020

Photo Shown with Optional Q1E Corner Oriented Stationary Table NIS-1400-100 $695.00

Engraver Features
• TCP/IP, Serial or SD Data Input
• 300 Job Saves within Controller
• User Friendly Control Pendant
• Awesome Controller Features
• High Torque Solid-State
Stepper Motor Drivers
• Broader speed range
• Improved engraving quality
• Improved reliability
• Full PC compatibility
• Network capability
• User-friendly software included
• More and better fonts & shapes
• Multiple pass, depth & dwell
• Create logos from CASmate,
FlexiEngrave or EngraveLab
• Run directly from EngraveLab,
CASmate, Quality, Flexi, EnRoute,
Type3 & GravoStyle.